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One of the India’s largest, unbiased and reliable Career Counselling, guidance platform which handholds 40000+ students every year in their journey to success. One stop destination in helping them understand the best career and provide all the relevant and necessary resources in the process. Created by bunch of Academicians, Career Experts, Techies and Education Entrepreneurs who love to build high quality software platform to engage with our students right from ideation phase to their successful career.

Reflection and Self-Evaluation

Our Assessment test will gather information about yourself to assist in making a decision about a career. Help you in understanding of self – including values, interest, aptitudes, abilities, personal traits, and desired life style – and become aware of the interrelationship between self and occupational choice. Career assessments will help you explore your interests, skills, values, and preferences as they relate to choosing a major or career.


The second step in career planning is to explore and research your options. Exploring takes your self-assessment a step further by looking at your personal interests, skills, values, and work-life needs and narrowing down areas of possibilities. The process involves investigating the world of work in greater depth, narrowing a general occupational direction into a specific one through an informed decision making process. Our resource tools kit will help you explore diverse careers, courses, tests, scholarships, Internships, admission processes and many more.

Decision-Making and Goal Setting

After having completed your self-assessment and explored your options you should be ready to make some career decisions. Now we will help you decide using the information gathered and analysed.To Identify the pros and cons of each college or career.Explore how much efforts are needed.Project the probable future consequences of each career choice.After you decide on a direction, you are ready to develop your plan and take action. We will break your career plan down into goals. This breakdown will make your plan easier for you to follow. And you will start practicing on necessary tests and courses to hone your skills.

Gaining Experience & Implementation

Stuxito will provide and assist you in admission process of comprehensive colleges across India and globe:Gives you a chance to “reality test” .Gain a competitive edge over other candidates who have no experience.Acquire new skills that will strengthen your résumé

Trusted by Over 40000+ Students

We have comprehensive scientific research tools along with very well educated Counselling staff, and a very effective and enthusiastic student support system.

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1.What is Career Counseling?

Career Counseling is aimed at helping you determine your strengths, values, and interests in order to make choices regarding your career or major. It is a collaborative partnership between you and your counselor. You are an expert on yourself, while your counselor is an expert on career exploration and decision-making.

2.Who can benefit from Career Counseling?

• Are you having trouble choosing a stream/college/career? • Do you want to know if graduate/professional school is right for you? • Do you want to find tools to help you make a career-related decision? • Do you want to take assessments/tests to help you better understand your interests, skills, values, and personality so you can choose a major or career? • Do you want to create a career plan that will help you make informed, thoughtful career-related decisions?

3.What will I discuss with my Career Counselor?

The career counseling we provide is holistic, flexible, and confidential. You and your counselor will work together to determine what’s most important to discuss and do each session. Here are some of the topics that students frequently discuss with their counselors: • Their interests, skills, values, personality attributes, cultural background, and past and present relationship experiences • How to understand and overcome difficulties in making career-related decisions • How to effectively cope with the stress, sadness, and anxiety associated with career exploration and other life circumstances.

4.What career service will be the most helpful for me?

Stuxito offers a variety of services that can assist you in developing your personal career plan, including career coaching, a career library, the Personal Career Development course
If you’re deciding between Career Coaching and Individual Career Counseling, stop in to Stuxito and talk to a Career Coach about your situation. They can help you decide which option will be most helpful to you. Stuxito is open Monday through Friday, between 10am and 7pm.

5. What is your Philosophy?

We see all our clients, no matter who they are, as a “blank page”. Like a piece of origami paper that can be folded into any number of shapes. Over the course of our consultation we recognize personal structure and inner composition. Coupled with our knowledge on educational and career paths, we are able to get a clear idea of what each page can potentially become.

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